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This is Petshop Mistress’ personal recommendations site for fanfiction. For those people that are curious about what I read and are looking for some good fanfics, this is for you. Feel free to browse and leave comments. However, anything rude or inappropriate will be promptly deleted.

Be sure to stop by the GuestBook to drop off general comments or suggestions about the site, as well as any requests or recommendations of your own.

Some of the fanfiction featured may contain graphic violence, explicit sex, and a gamut of social taboos/squick. In order to prevent anyone from reading anything they find offending, I have included warnings on each fanfic, so please take note of them.

For reference, here’s a brief description of terms I will commonly bandy about and how they’re being used on this site:

Slash – male/male (non-anime fandoms)
FemSlash – female/female (non-anime fandoms)
Yaoi – male/male (physical aspect)
Yuri – female/female (physical aspect)
Shounen-ai – male/male (emotional aspect)
Shoujo-ai – female/female (emotional aspect)
Lemon – (explicit) sex
pwp – plot? what plot?
wip – work in progress

*Note that Shounen-ai/Shoujo-ai tends to be more lighthearted, sweeter, and fluffier than its Yaoi/Yuri counterpart.

**Again, I am not otherwise responsible for any material you are exposed to on this website, nor do I endorse any of the illegal activities that may be depicted in some of the stories, so any flames of that nature will be ignored and promptly deleted.

More on fanfiction terminology @ Wiki.
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