Winter Release by StarsOfYaoi

genre: romance, angst
warnings: lemon, yaoi
status: WIP

Itachi x Naruto. Naruto gets captured by the Akatsuki and begins falling for the older Uchiha.

This is one of the best fics I’ve read for this pairing. The outlook the author has created for Itachi is rather fascinating, and the mind behind all the madness is slowly revealed through numerous flashbacks, his odd thought processes, and his actions. Similarly, we also get to witness Naruto’s descent into darkness.

However, the best thing about this story is that the author tries to be realistic, and concedes that nothing remotely romantic will be possible until much later. This leads the pacing to be rather slow, but also lends a greater sense of realism and gravity as a result. Their lust-bound relationship eases the way for numerous possibilities in the future, and I am hanging off the edge of my seat as I await the next chapter.

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