Fourteen Dates by sakura haru

genre: romance/adventure
warnings: lemon
status: complete

Kakashi x Sakura. A world weary Sakura has awoken Kakashi from a Sharingan induced coma, and to feelings that he’s repressed for years. The copy ninja decides it’s finally time for her to learn how he feels. (note: summary taken from author’s profile).

What I found unique about this story was the detail with respect to the medical aspects of the story, which brings in a sense of reality that I find both engaging and appealing to my intellectual side. It is very nicely paced, and delves deeply into the psyches of the two main characters as the relationship between the two begins to unfold. My only complaint is that it does get a little tedious and monotonous at times, but overall it was a great read that had me hooked for hours.

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